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Tips and Tricks to prepare a demo for Azure Time Series Insights

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Chart and dashboards from time perspective (real time, near-real time, consolidation)

In this post we will talk about how we can group charts, dashboards and reports in different categories based on how fast we need to be able to ingest and update data inside them.
Time is a relative term especially when you put it together with business insights and application reporting. There are two important aspects related to time from business and application insights perspective.

1. Time Granularity
The first one is related to the time granularity. In the beginning, most of the business stakeholders require the granularity to be as small as possible, until they realize that there is not too much inside of that and that in order to be able to understand something, the time granularity needs to be increased.
Most of the systems that are available now on the market allow us to change the time internal (granularity) on the fly, enabling us to navigate inside our data from a different time perspective.

2. Time Interval
The second aspect is the time interval, from the moment the data a…

[Post Event] THE APOLLO 13 OF IT, Targu-Mures, November 2017

On November 2018, Endava organized in Targu-Mures a local event dedicated to local community. More than 70 people came to the event to find more about Block chain, coding quality, CD and data privacy inside cloud.
It was a great community event where I meet smart and extraordinary people. I was impressed to find a strong IT community in Targu-Mures. At this community event I had the opportunity to talk about data privacy inside cloud.

Below you can find my session details together with session slides.
Abstract: Once you upload content to a cloud provider you lose the physical control of your data. Who is the real owner of your data from that moment on? You, as the legal owner of the data, or the cloud provider as the guardian? Join this session to find more about the topic. Our main purpose is to understand who ends up having power over the data.

Who owns data inside the cloud | Apollo 13, Endava, Targu-Mures, November 2017 f…

[Post Event] CloudBrew 2017, Mechelen (Belgium)

An impressive way to finish the working week. How? Attending to CloudBrew, a conference dedicated to Azure and cloud platform. Every year it's a pleasure for me to take part of such an event.
With only two tracks, it's give you the feeling that you are together with friends and you chat about Azure and beer (smile).
I had the opportunity to deliver an one hour session about Azure Time Series Insights and PowerBI. If you want to find more about this subjects, you can check the abstract and slides, below.
Title: Near-real time reporting in Azure Abstract: One of the most common requirement on a projects nowadays is real time monitoring and reporting. Easy to say, expensive to implement and complex to maintain. In this session we'll take a look on the Azure Services that enable us to fulfil this requirements with minimal effort and with maximum benefits. We have on our radar services like Azure Time Series Insights, Analysis Services and PowerBI. After this session you will kn…

[Post Event] Endava Tech Flow, November 2017, Cluj-Napoca

This week I had the opportunity to participate at Endava Tech Flow. The main topic of this event was AI and Machine Learning. There were more than 100 people that participate to this free event.  Beside local speakers, we had the opportunity to meet J.M Bishop (Director of the Tungsten Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics and Professor of Cognitive Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London) that talked about how dangerous artificial intelligence can be for us.

I also had a short talk about Machine Learning, where I tried to explain what is behind a ML and how does a neural network works. More about my session can be found below. 

Title: The science behind Machine Learning
Abstract: Did you ever ask yourself how Machine Learning works as a system? In this session we will take a look at the science behind Machine Learning systems. We will decrypt the base mathematical concepts that make systems like these work. Once you attend this session you will discover how polynomial expression…

IoT Home Automation | Backend infrastructure

Even if in the previous post I said that I will write about the integration points with garage gates, I decided to go forward with the development of the web interface and gateway software. I went on this path because once I have this part implemented I can play with ESP8266 as much as I want to integrate with all the devices that I have around the house.

Web Interface (UI)
I decided to go with a simple design. I’m pretty sure that I will become more complex in the future, but for now I will keep things as simple as possible. The web interface is done using AngularJS 5 together with a REST API exposed using ASP.NET Core. For now the web interface expose 2 buttons that allows me to trigger actions (open/close gates). This web interface is hosted as a web application inside an App Services. The plans is to secure using Azure AD, but this is another story, another post, but for now there is no need to do this because there is real device in the backend (yet).

The communicatio…

[Post Event] ISTAConf 2017, Sofia

Just finished my session at ISTAConf 2017 and I realize that we are not only talking about NoSQL and migration  strategy, but we even doing that. I just met some great guys from Sofia that started to migrate their relational database to MongoDB. What was awesome that they have in plan a migration from on-premises to Azure in the next 3-6 months for their system, so Azure Cosmos DB is the perfect suite for them.

It is the 7 edition of ISTA Conference, that started in 2011. Last time when I was here was 2 years ago and in comparison with that times they grow a lot. Not only during the keynotes, but also during the sessions the rooms are full with people that are curious to find more about what are the current trends and what future is preparing for us. What I like at ISTA is the format of the conference. Even if there are more than 750 participants, they don't have more than 3 tracks. allowing them to keep the quality of session at a high level.

At this conference I talk about Azure…